Monday, August 23, 2010

Renaissance Master Drawings

Releasing our first app today! Please visit the Android Marketplace and install "Renaissance Master Drawings".

Download Instructions

The application is a virtual folio of Renaissance master sketches. You can determine which artist you like most, or would like to study more!

I'm all ears for any user feedback, and for additional candidates to add to the folio. Please leave a comment or question!


  1. Top little app! All the images look amazing on my desire just wish there was something more then like/dislike + see who. maybe save pics and app2sd. For a first release its a good quality app and I look forward to following how this will develop in the future


  2. Hello Philip! Thanks for your great feedback. V0.03 is out, and has a minor bug with the images... If you uninstall and reinstall with V0.03 this will restore all the images. I apologize for any lost user data!

    We'll get this fixed in V0.04.